Month: July 2020


How Does a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit Work?

  One of the harder decisions when selecting a storage space, is to whether or not to invest into a climate-controlled storage unit. A climate-controlled storage space is an area that can have a customized environment for whatever it is that you are storing within the unit. Much of the time, a basic self-storage unit


Are Cameras Necessary to Protect your Storage Space?

    Any intuitive individual is going to tell you that in order for a storage space to remain safe from burglars, cameras are necessary. All of your belongings that you sought fit to keep in a storage space for safe keeping is relying on the facility to have high-end camera technology to shut down


Storage Spaces & Workspaces are in Demand

  Workspaces and storage spaces have always been needed for growing homes and businesses. With growth, comes the acquisition of new items, equipment, documents and much more. Many people lack the required space for all of these things and call upon storage facilities such as Mindful Workspaces & Storage to help bridge the gap that


What can Mindful Workspaces & Storage do for You?

    Mindful Workspaces & Storage is your one-stop shop for everything moving, packing, storage and security. Our storage facilities are proud to offer all of our customers a variety of storage options, parking space options and any of your storage needs. With accommodations for not only personal storage, but commercial and business storage as

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