Month: November 2020


What is Self Storage

We here at Mindful Workspaces and Storage have the answer for you. And once you have the answer, this would be the perfect time to decide if you indeed need a storage facility or workspace. Even though units fill up fast, there are so many facilities, you are bound to find something that will work


Mindful Workspaces & Storage Has Units All Throughout South Florida

If you haven’t really checked into it, reliable storage facilities aren’t as easy to come by as one may think. Certainly nothing like South Florida’s Mindful Workspaces & Storage. Most storage places provide the basics and that is all. It is also sometimes difficult to differentiate between the bad, the good, and the great. Luckily,


Three Crime Prevention Strategies if You Use Self-Storage

A self-storage facility, like those managed by Mindful Workspaces & Storage, doesn’t have to appear rundown, graffiti-riddled, or even have a single broken window, to become a target for crime. Illegal activities occur at all types of properties in small towns and big cities. These four measures should help you prevent crime from happening at


Five Economic Factors That Affect Self-Storage Facility Value

Mindful Workspaces has noted that self-storage property values come from a combination of performance and market factors. Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, today’s market is extremely volatile and rapidly changing, so it’s more important than ever to understand the worth of your assets. There are common indicators of the market value of your self-storage property.


Self-Storage Thrives During the Pandemic

Mindful Workspaces found it quite interesting to know that the self-storage industry continues to have a good pandemic, with rising rent prices and robust demand. Unfortunately, a fresh round of COVID-related lockdowns could negatively impact it. A new monthly report from Yardi Matrix, which tracks self-storage, found that national rents, for standard 10X10, non-climate-controlled, self-storage

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