Month: November 2021


The Ins & Outs of Self-Storage

We here at Mindful Workspaces and Storage want to assist you in learning all the ins and outs of self-storage. Once you are more familiar, this would be the perfect time to decide if you need a self-storage facility. Even though units fill up fast, there are so many facilities, you are bound to find


You Just Can’t Go Wrong With Mindful’s Self Storage

There are many scenarios for why you might need to invest in a self-storage facility. It might be to actually store things, or it might be a workspace area that you can turn it into very easily. The great news is that Mindful Workspaces & Storage has the solutions for you. And you are going


Inside Self Storage Releases Podcast on ‘State of the Self-Storage Investing Market’

Inside Self-Storage has released a new episode in its “Sounds of Storage” podcast series that offers guidance on industry investing. The 11-minute interview delves into the state of the market, revealing why NOW is a good time to jump into the game, creative ways to raise the necessary capital, mistakes to avoid when making acquisitions, and


Mindful Workspaces Has Plenty to Offer In South Florida

Finding a workspace in South Florida that is truly reliable isn’t as easy to come by as one may think. This is exactly why if you are searching for a workspace for your business in the South Florida area, you have to check into Mindful Workspaces & Storage. Most storage facilities provide the basics only.


Can Your Workspace Actually Become a Flex Space

At Mindful Workspaces and Storage, we have come to learn that flex spaces are getting more and more popular. The next obvious question is, what is a “flex space”? A flex space is a form of commercial real estate that usually has a warehouse, office, and retail space. It is typically a sizable warehouse-style building

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