Whether you are relocating your business or running out of office space, our Mindful Workspaces facilities are the perfect locations to have your workspace. We can assure your business items are protected with our friendly staff and clean, safe, secure facilities.

Some highlighted items include: 

  • A place for your office supplies, desks, etc.
  • A place for your personal items, vehicles, etc.
  • Office currently too small? Here, we open up your workspace.

Seasonal Businesses

Going home for the summer, leaving for the winter and need somewhere to keep your business? We will find the right storage size for your business workspace.

Relocation Temporary Needs

Use any of our Mindful Workspaces facilities for temporary workspace while you’re in between moving your office. All Mindful Workspace locations offer month-to-month leases to ensure we are flexible with your individual business needs.

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