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Six Reasons Why People Use Storage Spaces

You may have asked yourself why self-storage facilities have been popping up all over the place in your town or city. What are people putting inside those storage units? Why do people use storage, really? A whopping 41% of storage customers surveyed said they needed the storage for moving purposes. The next largest pool was


Top 3 Reasons that People Use a Storage Facility

  Storage facilities such as Mindful Workspaces & Storage are currently a hot commodity on the real estate market. With many businesses settling into what seems to be the long ride of the COVID-19 social distancing life, some places currently have a lot of excess materials and inventory. However, these storage facilities have been popular


Do you Need Mindful Workspaces & Storage?

Mindful Workspaces & Storage is your one-stop for any and all needs storage. Our company resides primarily in South Florida and have been a leading staple in customer service and professional/personal storage for years. With our premium prices, high quality units and top of the line customer service, we’ve thrived and kept our people coming