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Mindful Workspaces & Storage is the Secure Choice

After reading a story about a storage unit getting broken into and robbed, we here at Mindful Workspaces & Storage decided to do a little research. We googled “storage unit security” and could not believe how many articles came up that showed how often these facilities get broken into and have things stolen. It was


Four Ways Businesses Use Storage for Efficient Space Management

Storage units can be used in multiple ways. From the conventional to highly creative, storage containers can help secure much needed space for both commercial purposes.  As a business owner, getting access to extra storage at a fair price is always a plus. Storage units provide a substantial return on their investment when used to


Organizational Planning Allows Storage Spaces to be Navigated Easily

One of the most important things about storage spaces that many people do not consider when loading up, is the organizational factor. If you’re someone who strives off of time management then this is one of the most important factors for your storage space. If you aren’t able to properly navigate your space and either