How to Properly Store Cigars in a Storage Space

Cigars are one of the finer quality of life tobacco products available to a normal consumer. From all over the world, people are crafting these handmade smokes and preserving them for that ideal time to lay back and have a cigar. Many people enjoy the momentary reprieve of a cigar. However, what exactly is the correct way to store a cigar? In this article, we’ll go into the proper techniques and methods of dedicating a storage space for a cigar space.


Consistency is Key


When it comes to storing cigars, it all comes down to consistency. Having a constant temperature and humidity is paramount to your success in cigar storage. The ideal climate for storing a cigar is usually based off of where the cigar itself was manufactured. While storing them, you want to attempt to maintain the climate that the leaf is used to. For a basic measurement of what to set the temperature and humidity, set your climate controller to around 68 degrees and humidity level at about 70%. This will be the base for most of your cigar storage spaces.


Humidors, Humistats & Hygrometers


While attempting to maintain proper cigar health for your collection, these three particular tools will upgrade your experience to the easiest level possible. Humidors are the go-to way of keeping your cigars in a humidity-controlled area. These will allow you keep those cigars from either drying out or becoming too moist and end up molding. Humistats and hygrometers are going to be the tools you use in order to assure that all of your humidors and temperature controls are in order. Humistats and hygrometers keep track of the humidity in the space in which they are placed.

If you’re looking for a climate-controlled storage space for your cigar collection, check out Mindful Workspaces and Storage for the best storage units and prices available! Also, keep checking back for all of your go-to storage techniques.

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