How to Properly Store Art in a Storage Unit?



So, you’ve reached the point in your career where you need more storage space for your artwork / art collection. Artwork is extremely vulnerable to damage from the environment; Especially while in storage for long periods of time. Therefore, it is important to store your art using proper techniques for the conservation of quality of the art. Luckily, your team here are Mindful Workspaces & Storage is here to guide you through the correct methods of preserving your art in a storage space for as long as possible!


Mistakes that Damage Your Art


Many people don’t understand just how fragile art is. Improper care for your art-pieces may lead to damage such as Mangled Paintings, Tearing, Stains, Fading, Discoloration and Breaks. It is important that you take care when dealing with your art in all manners. This includes framing, storing, transportation and cleaning. Here are some big don’ts when it comes to the preservation of art:

  • Improper framing – When framing your art, if you are carelessly doing so or using the wrong materials for your frames, then your art is at risk. This may lead to mangled sides on a painting, or discoloration due to cheaper and incorrect materials.
  • Faulty Climate Control – Climate control is one of the biggest issues for storing any type of art. If you aren’t keeping your art materials in a state of comfort, then they are going to see environmental damages quite quickly.
  • Careless Storage – While storing them is perfectly fine, having them carelessly placed into a storage unit can be an omen for disaster. Imagine something that isn’t secure falling to the ground and shattering.


Use Mindful Workspaces & Storage for you Art Storage Needs


If you or a friend is looking for a reliable storage space for your art, then contact us today! We have climate controlled units, framing / hanging options of all kinds and storage size options to meet your every need!

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