How to Properly Store Watches in a Storage Space?



Many times, people acquire storage spaces for collections such as art, cigars or watches. However, even if you have a space dedicated for these things, it is difficult to know just how safe and sustainable these collections will remain over time. Conditions such as heat, temperature, sunlight and many more have the ability to distort your original collectibles and damage the integrity and/or worth of the original product. Here, we’ll go into a few different recommendations for storing your watches in a storage space that will help them stand the test of time.

What are Watches Susceptible to?


Watches are delicate mechanisms made out of a variety of materials. From golden watches to wooden watches. All of them require a steady and careful hand to maintain their value and original form for a long as possible. Things that usually have a heavy impact on watches are sunlight, moisture and compression. Large amounts of sunlight may eventually lead to details of the watch fading away. This light deteriorates the inside of the watch through the glass. Eventually, the dials will be unable to be read. Moisture may also affect a watch but in different ways. Water has the ability to ruin both the outside and inside of a watch. Long periods of moisture may cause distortions in the original make of the watch. Too much moisture will eventually cause a watch to cease its movements all together.

Protecting your Watches from the Environment


Watches may be under a large amount of distress if placed under extreme environments for long periods of time. Here are a few ways to protect your treasured collection:

  • Climate Controlled Storage Space – A climate-controlled storage space will allow you to adjust the settings so that the watches remain under complete control.
  • Keep Out of Sunlight – These rays will eventually cause the important parts of a watch to fade.
  • Use Proper Storage Containers – Containers that are lined with like a felt material may allow these watches to remain without tarnish for a long period of time.

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