How to Properly Store Books in a Storage Unit?

There are many types of different valuables to people ranging from large to small. One of the many hobbies that people enjoy is books. Books are a prized possession to many in the form of both enjoyment and collection. However, what exactly is the most proper way to store these books to maintain their lifetime for the longest duration of time. What many people don’t realize, is that books are extremely susceptible to both climate and temperature. Mindful Workspaces & Storage is here to give you a couple tips and tricks to having success storing your books within a storage facility.


Proper Shelving


Books aren’t the strongest things in the world regardless what kinds of materials they are made from. Falling is almost a guaranteed way to damage the integrity of them. Damage is easily seen from a book and not caring to properly shelve them leads to a serious determent of life. Although boxes and other different storage containers may seem economical and ideal, shelves are the safest way to truly sustain their stagnant life. Your books are always there where you leave them for you to enjoy. So, why not give them a shelf life to maintain that enjoyment.


Climate Control


The thing that books are most susceptible is extreme climates of any kind. Degradation begins in books quite quickly after they have been vulnerable to the environment. For example, if a book is in too high temperatures with low humidity, then the pages will begin to dry and become brittle. On the other hand, if humidity is too high, then this could eventually lead to mold within the book. Finally, extreme amount of UV light may even cause the integrity of the book to fade. Therefore, your ideal temperature is going to want to be centered around a lowish temperature and medium to low humidity.

If you’re looking for a storage space for your books that provides climate-controlled units, then contact Mindful Workspaces & Storage. Mindful Workspaces & Storage is a company primarily located in Florida and has been helping the community with safe storage locations of years.

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