Mindful Workspaces & Storage is the Secure Choice

After reading a story about a storage unit getting broken into and robbed, we here at Mindful Workspaces & Storage decided to do a little research. We googled “storage unit security” and could not believe how many articles came up that showed how often these facilities get broken into and have things stolen. It was actually mind-blowing. It didn’t matter what state. This seems to be happening everywhere. And this is a shame. People should feel comfortable knowing their goods are safe.


Here are a few of the headlines that we found on just page one and two:

Storage unit break-in leaves new mother devastated.

Suspects wanted after storage units broken into in Davenport.

Three caught on camera burglarizing local storage units.

Two men accused of cutting off locks, stealing from storage sheds.


This is why you have to make the decision now to bring your commercial or personal belongings to a Mindful Workspaces & Storage facility. Not only do the storage units have climate control. Not only are the units clean. Not only do they have competitive prices on the units, but most importantly these units are SECURE!

Our facilities are all equipped with state of the art cameras that cover all of the grounds. These cameras are needed to ensure peace-of-mind for customers to know that their commercial or residential belongings are safe. You can feel comfortable that your unit will not wind up on the news or the internet reporting a break-in.

Mindful Workspaces is pleased to offer customers a variety of storage and parking space options. Whether it’s personal storage, business storage solutions, move-in truck rentals, or on-site packing and moving supplies, Mindful Workspaces meets all of your storage needs.  Each of our storage facility locations offers a variety of different unit types, storage space and specialized offerings.

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