What are the Different Types Of Self-Storage

Storage lockers, self-storage, mini containers basically all refer to the same thing. They are names that customers use to identify a commercial building where they can store their belongings. Mobile storage is slightly different. You actually store your belongings inside the storage units. They come in different sizes, can have special features, and can be rented from anywhere between a day and years depending upon how long you need the unit for.


Let us take a look at the Four types of self-storage units:


1 – Indoor Storage Units

When you see a large building that looks like a warehouse space from the outside that contains units, this is mainly indoor storage units. Typically, you will need to go through security or a gate to gain access to the indoor storage units. Storage units come in a range of sizes, from 5×5 to 10×30 and everything in between.


2 – Climate Controlled Storage Units

Climate-controlled storage refers to an indoor storage unit that has humidity and temperature controls. It keeps humidity out and maintains a constant temperature. This is a great way to protect special items that may be damaged by extreme temperatures or humidity.

A climate-controlled storage unit will cost a little more than regular storage units due to special circumstances, but it is much less expensive than the damage that regular storage units can do to your belongings. If you plan to rent storage units for several months, climate-controlled units are a good option. Items such as wine, art, paintings, and photos should all be kept in climate-controlled units regardless of where you are located.


3 – Outdoor Storage Units

Outdoor units are exposed to all weather conditions, including temperature and the elements. People use only outdoor storage for cars and boats, tractors, and RV’s. They will look similar to a garage with a roof above, while others might be more like a parking area outside.


4 – Mobile Storage

These units are usually parked in front of someone’s home when they move or renovate. Mobile storage operates differently from regular self-storage facilities. Companies will deliver a mobile storage container (also known as a pod or storage container) to your house and let you fill it whenever you like. After you have filled it, the company will either pick it up at their facility or transport it to where you need it. This is an alternative to traditional storage units or moving trucks.


Mindful Workspaces is pleased to offer customers a variety of storage and parking space options. Whether it’s personal storage, business storage solutions, move-in truck rentals, or on-site packing and moving supplies, Mindful Workspaces meets all of your storage needs.  Each of our storage facility locations offers a variety of different unit types, storage space, and specialized offerings.

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