Tennessee Couple Charged With Burglary of Storage Units

We at Mindful Workspaces & Storage always preach that security is important in the storage world. You must have secure and working locks. You must go with a company that uses security cameras. And you must check on your unit every once in a while if you truly value what is inside of them. All that being said, here is a story about storage theft out of Tennessee.

Crossville, Tennessee police responded to a burglary in progress earlier in September and charged two people with breaking into storage units with the intent to steal items from inside. The renter of the unit was present when officers arrived, and he told police he had interrupted a man and woman in the process of breaking into the storage unit he had rented. A witness to the incident was also present.

Timothy Dale Ports Jr., (36) and Sierra Shae Kirst Easterly, (29) are charged with burglary and theft. Easterly was also charged with violation of bond conditions because of an order of protection on her by the renter of the unit.

The two were standing by a 2003 Honda Element outside the open storage unit and numerous items were found on the ground in front of the unit. Property was also found stacked in the back of the SUV.

Both suspects told police there were at the storage unit to retrieve property that belonged to them. However, police found a lock to the unit that had been cut. About $200 worth of property was recovered from the vehicle, and the storage locker renter told police he wanted to file charges.

The two were taken to the Justice Center and booked. They face a hearing in General Sessions Court.

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