Organizing Your Self-Storage Unit

Most people don’t even take into consideration the organization of their storage unit. They toss the things they won’t be needing for a while into the unit and being stockpiling on top of it. However, before they know it, they need to access these items and aren’t able to locate them due to clutter. Could you imagine having to weed through box by box in order to find a couple items in boxes? This is the nightmare of storage spaces and we have the tips and tricks of organizing to keep you away from that.


  1. Make a Master List
    1. A master list is exactly as it sounds. Whenever you deposit an item within your storage unit, just right it down. You’ll know the order of when it was deposited, as well as what exactly is inside. If you’re good, you’ll mark off things that come out as well!
  2. Use Similar Sized Boxes
    1. This may seem silly to begin with, but people often have an issue with boxes toppling on top of them while they are busy searching. Using similar or the exact same size boxes for all of your belongings basically eliminates the possibility of that happening. They will easily fit in and on top of each other.
    1. You MUST label every box that you place into storage. If you’re looking for anything in particular, having to open each box individually will completely tear your hope apart and ruin storage units for your future. Labeling allows for easily found possessions.
  4. Items Needed to Be Accessed in the Front
    1. It is in your best interest to organize your storage unit in a way for everything to be moved to you needing. However, if you have a ton of boxes in there, it is difficult to reorganize once fully completed. This tip is just pre-planning to have the things you MAY need more often in the front of the unit. That simple!

With these tips, you are well on your way to finding the perfect storage space for you!

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