Protecting the Privacy Needs in a Self-Storage Facility


One of the most important parts of a self-storage facility is the privacy that it provides. However, this means not only the owner, but those who use the facility as well. The most important rule though, is to protect your business. If your business isn’t protected, then you can’t provide privacy for any of your clients. There are many different ways you could work to protect the safety and privacy. I mean, you are guaranteeing your clients’ privacy and protection, so here some tips to help extend the reach.


Making Decisions off of Behavior


One of the biggest decisions you can make as the owner of a self-storage facility, is who you want to allow in. The worst-case scenario is allowing someone to enter your establishment that has the intent of doing malicious things. Background checks, credit checks, copies of photo ID’s and any other preventive measures are highly recommended when allowing people to enter your private space.


Security that is Easy to See


Security is the second most important part of privacy. Security may include overnight guards, cameras, locks, gates and security codes. Ideally, these security features are easier to spot. Yes, cameras that are more hidden may serve a better purpose, but they don’t deter anyone from breaking into the facility. Cameras serve not only as a video surveillance option, but almost as if there was a guard manning the gate.


Protect Personal Information


People have a level of security that they expect regardless of who they are. Especially concerning any type of personal information. Keeping all of your files in a safe and having encrypted networks for your facility will allow you to prevent any type of break-in, physically or digitally. Never repeat the personal information or any other sensitive topics in open.

Remember, in order to protect your clients, you must also protect your facility.

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