Can Your Workspace Actually Become a Flex Space

At Mindful Workspaces and Storage, we have come to learn that flex spaces are getting more and more popular. The next obvious question is, what is a “flex space”?

A flex space is a form of commercial real estate that usually has a warehouse, office, and retail space. It is typically a sizable warehouse-style building with a built-to–spec office space and a shorter lease than a traditional office.

Many electrical, engineering, welding, building, and other types of similar businesses use flex spaces offered by Mindful Workspaces & Storage. That doesn’t mean that these same spaces aren’t being used for storage purposes as well. As a matter of fact, one of the main reasons flex spaces get used is the ability to use them for storage as well.

What are the Benefits of a Flexible Space?

The move toward more flex space offerings by professionals and companies isn’t surprising. For many, flex spaces hold a number of benefits and key advantages over traditional office leases.

Here are some of the key benefits flex spaces offer:

  • Flexible Lease Terms: Where traditional office spaces can carry lease periods of many years, flex spaces give businesses greater “flexibility”. In many cases, lease terms can be negotiated to last anywhere between one to five years. Flex space providers will also commonly offer individual memberships on a monthly basis for coworking spaces.
  • Reduced Occupancy Costs: Typically, when a company leases a flex space, they are responsible for creating that space to meet the needs of their company. This includes everything from the electrical work and furnishings, to the IT and networking infrastructure. This can be expensive. In most flex space arrangements, these details are taken care of. This helps the leasing company avoid shelling out significant capital up front, reducing overall occupancy costs.

If you are looking for a cost-effective flex space, don’t overlook Mindful Workspaces & Storage. They provide key solutions to many business issues such as extra office space. And remember that storage containers do not require much to set up and are a great temporary alternative for businesses that require storage.

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